About Kids Ministry

Children are our most prized possession that God has allowed us the gracious opportunity to be a part of. It is this opportunity that allows us to shape the framework that molds their lives in a very positive and productive way. In KIDZ Connection, we avail our ears to hear their hearts and know their voices, identifying consistently with their changing environments.


What We Do

Our policy is to never abandon them by putting our needs before theirs. We do everything within our power to ensure that they have every opportunity to be exposed to mind enhancing and spiritually enlightened teachings from The Word of God and other positive resource materials.



Secured and Healthy

We provide a secured and healthy environment for the children so that parents can be confident and comfortable with leaving them to our care. KIDZ connection is for children ages 5-12. Stay tuned for more information and updates as we revamp our children’s ministry in preparation for our return to the church for in person worship services.